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6.0.3 WoD Garrison Guilde
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1. What to build?

Large Buildings (2 slots):

Stables - a must have building for world pvp'er and adventurer. No daze from mobs and creatures hitting from behind at lvl 2, and +20% mount speed at lvl 3, plus the ability to interact with objects remaining mounted - all these benefits make it clearly the best.

Second building is pretty optional from PVP / WPVP PoV, but one thing Is certain – the Barracks you start with from a quest line, is probably themost useless of all building in the garrison.

So, first thing you should do (even before you have a level 3 Town Hall) is to replace the useless Barracks. You can do it by dragging new building of that category to its spot. Build Stables in its place if you don’t have Town Hall level 3 yet.

If your Town Hall is level 3 already, you should select Dwarven Bunker as your second building. Reasons - extra goods vendor, transmogrification sets (account bound!) and – the most important – free roll token for raids and world bosses like Celestials at level 3 !

Mage Tower with few portals is not that needed when you have two Hearthstones and there are loads of quick flying paths in each zone. The Goblin Workshop is nice, but pretty useless. 

So, to sum large buildings up, our two choices would be Stables and Dwarven Bunker. All other alternatives simply don’t worth the spots.

Medium buildings (2 slots):

Gladiator Sanctum is something you should build after you get the blueprints from Gorgrond quest line before anything else. I won’t broaden on this building cause it’s simply a MUST have element of any PVP’er or WPVP’er’s garrison. Free honor points, free honor gear EACH SEASON, titles – what else would you expect? And finally, the marvelous defensive buff at level 3.

Second building is pretty much a MUST have as well after all the calculations I’ve done. It’s Trading Post.

Apart of all comforts (such as AH and vendors) it PRODUCES GARRISON RESOURCES for random material which is changing each day. For example, from 5 sumptuous furs. Each work order gives you 30!! GARRISON RESOURCES!!! Build this ASAP and upgrade even before Sanctum if you can.

Note that LM also produces some garrison resources, but not in such amounts AND it doesn’t bring an auctioneer into your garrison as well.

About small buildings it’s not much to say.

Upgrade Mine and Herb Yard as soon as possible at least to level 2 – more veins / nodes, even without having a gathering profession. Build a building for your primary professions. 

Do NOT neglect Salvage Yard coming from Arak questline! Salvage from missions can contain even BOE EPIC items sometimes!

2.. Where and how to get more Garrison Resources?

After you upgrade your Town Hall to level 3, you start to feel the shortage in Garrison Resources.

There are three solid ways to get more of these now. 

First is to build and upgrade the aforementioned Trading Post as medium building.

Second is to complete all quest objectives in Draenor zones (and get the appropriate zone achievement) and to go to the following guy in Ashran:

This lovely Arakkoa will sell you a map, showing all hidden treasures location in Draenor zones you unlocked (did all quest lines there). About half of them contains from 10 up to 60-70 Garrison Resources as well as other goodies.

Third - doing Garrison dailies such as Stables quests.

Logan, webmaster & owner
Castle Logan » Public quarters / Публичные помещения » Библиотека / Library » 6.0.3 WoD Garrison Guilde
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