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Castle Logan » Public quarters / Публичные помещения » Библиотека / Library » Retribution Paladin's WoD WPvP guide (Works for Warrs / DKs / WWs / Enh for some extent as well)
Retribution Paladin's WoD WPvP guide
LoganДата: Saturday, 05.12.2015, 13:38 | Сообщение # 1
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Retribution Paladin’s WoD WPvP guide

1. Gear,talents, glyphs

1.1. Gear and stat priority

Basically,you would want to stack Versatility, since it grants us both extra durability and more healing. Always remember – our spec’s main drawback is its relative fragility, so Versatility in WoD is our main stat for stacking. This generally means you would want to buy all the Versatility conquest pieces and to do Ashran every week, so you can get the Versatility main set pieces off quest reward as well.

However, the 2-set bonus from PvP gear is still quite important for us (25% less CC when popping Wings), so I personally prefer to keep two set parts to get this – usually hands and shoulders, since both grant less Versatility than other 3 main set parts. Secondary stat we should focus on is Haste, which lowers the CD on half of our main damage moves and makes casted FoL faster, so the priority would be Versatility >> Haste >> Mastery (extra damage) >> everything else. Multistrike is probably the weakest stat for Rets to get, so avoid that.

1.2 Talents and glyphs

Take a look at the following screenshot. These are by far optimal talents and glyphs I found the best after numerous fights of all kind in WoD. Aside from obvious choices, I would comment the ones which differ from what other Rets pick:

I choose Hand of Freedom glyph as 3rd (the two others are pretty mandatory for Ret PvP) , cause then it shortens any remaining CC duration on us when used; paired with Clemency (2x Freedom charges) it is much better choice for WPvP than other glyphs you might pick. I also pick Final Verdict over Empowered Seals cause it is: 1) much less clunky and gives you less things to worry about during the fight; 2) enables you to kite enemies at short distance while doing a lot more ranged damage.

About small glyphs… Well, the only useful one except the Bubblehearth tongue  is Falling Avenger – for example, if you need to get down from Arathi Basin’s LM hill and your BoP / Bubble / Glider on CD and there is no Mage around.

1.3 Enchants

As I’ve already explained, Versatility is our priority stat to stack. That means we’re picking all the Versatility enchants WoD can offer - on rings, cloak and necklace. For your weapon, pick Bleeding Hollow (Mastery proc enchant) and if you can afford another 2-handler later in the season, enchant it with Shattered Hand (Bleed proc) so you can swap it against stealthers.

2.Garrison buildings and preferences

Large buildings(2):  Barracks and Stables.

Barracks would give you a reliable bodyguard for all Draenor zones. Pick the ones who can heal (Leorajh in my case). These guys can mean a lot in combat, if leveled to their maximum potential (level 3 reputation standing).

Stables would grant you the immunity to Dazed effect in Draenor, which is really handy in WPvP, especially vs. Hunters / Locks, whose pets love to daze you from behind while you’re in pursuit after their masters.

Do not go for Siege Workshop! It doesn’t worth it and is not strong enough compared to the buildings above. N.U.K.U.L.A.R. has been nerfed, its impact is a lot weaker now with S3 increased players’ health pools and it’s really easy to avoid as well. Other tools are inconsistent and there is too small amount of them available anyway.

Medium buildings (2): Gladiator Sanctum, any other.

Gladiator Sanctum should not be mentioned at all, probably, since it’s the obvious choice for a PvP’er. However, I still mentioned it cause of Glitter Bombs and WoD equivalent of Black Ash: regardless of if you have maximum Honor / Conquest, continue spamming work orders so you get more of these. They are too good.

Other Medium buildings don’t have any significant impact on WPvP. Aviana’s Feather from Inn quests was somewhat powerful before Draenor Pathfinder, but now much less.

Logan, webmaster & owner
LoganДата: Saturday, 05.12.2015, 13:38 | Сообщение # 2
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Regarding profession changes in Draenor, I would highly recommend having Engineering and Alchemy as your main Ret’s professions, which are both by far most useful in WPvP.

Engineering grants you the usual benefits from past expansions, which can mean life and death in WPvP: Nitro Boosts, Goblin Glider, Invisibility Field, and also new stuff which is really useful too: Mecha-Blast Rockets, Shieldtronic Shield (absorb), Stealth Field Generator (Shadowmeld-like stealth while standing still).

You should also remember all the wormholes and portals you get, which make you almost as mobile as a Mage across the game world. It is way too good not to have this.

Alchemy gives you an endless supply of potions, elixirs and flasks. Draenor Alchemy is so great because it has equivalents to all the best potions of classic world – Invisibility, Free Action, Water Walking, Water Breathing, etc., which are also a LOT easier to make now. You can also combine Healing Tonics, coming from First Aid, with Mana Potions which you make from Alchemy, to create mighty Draenic Rejuvenation Potions, which would restore your both health and mana and are usable by Alchemists only.

First Aid in Draenor is really good because of aforementioned Healing Tonics. The usual stuff is present too.

Other professions have nearly no impact on WPvP anymore. The only somewhat useful perk would be that of Leatherworking with a follower put into LW building to create the buffing tents, but since the tents are account bound, any of your alts with LW can make those for you anyway.

4.Additional items bank:– our legendary ring.

This is a life changer in Draenor WPvP for Ret, even with its weakest ilvl 735 version, due to being OFF GCD and having 2 min. cooldown, which perfectly aligns with our burst macro:

#showtooltip Avenging Wrath
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Holy Avenger
/cast Thorasus, the Stone Heart of Draenor

I know it takes hell of a time to get this, but this time it is really worth the trouble. NOTE – the ring doesn’t work inside BGs or Arenas, but it DOES work in Ashran!– the new turtle shell of WoD. Get it from a rare in Tanaan to dismount your unaware enemies in flight! –the good old tracking food from Northrend. Get the recipe from 3 Dalaran cooking dailies and some Northern Spices. Farm those Worgs in Grizzly Hills for the meat. Invaluable in WPvP. –the item gets you out of combat and drops you out of enemy player’s focus. Very useful in many situations. Drops from a Rare in Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria.– this is our main Draenic food, which we would want to use every time we don’t need a tracker. It grants us 100 Versatility. –gives us +8% Stamina buff. Can be bought off AH or made by your Inscription alts. –now you don’t need to carry any more Noggenfogger Elixirs with you in order to shrink yourself to 1/3 of your size to become less noticeable in mass fights! This toy, coming from Darkmoon Faire after 6.2 patch and cost 50 Darkmoon Tickets, ALWAYS makes you smaller (in instances / BGs – if someone else sits on the carousel with you) and has only 3 min. cooldown!

Logan, webmaster & owner
LoganДата: Saturday, 05.12.2015, 13:38 | Сообщение # 3
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5. Few general combat and strategy tips:

1. Kite. Learn to kite properly and kite the hell out of Warriors, Death Knights, Enhancement Shamans, Rogues, WW Monks and even Ferals (yes, even with their shifting macro you can still somewhat kite them). Now, with Final Verdict and all the ranged tools we’ve got, we can both kite the other melee foes to avoid a lot of incoming damage and do decent damage at the same time!

2. Beware the Boomkin 1-shot overlords! Usually Balance Druids aren’t hard to beat, unless you get caught in their 5-sec 3x Starsurge GODMODE hell. This can be lethal especially if they got their legendary ring. So – if you see an owl popping Incarnation (the Imp. Moonkin form has a different look), pop DP or DS instantly and also Exec. Sentence on yourself. LoS if you can, as well, and FoJ the Boomkin.

3. Use Super Sticky Glitter Bombs on all stealthers. This item really fucks Rogues and Ferals up in WPvP. Abuse it till your heart’s content, but do it wisely – it has 2 min. CD now.

4. When you’re about to stun a Warrior, but are afraid of Spell Reflect, there is a trick: pop BoP first (you’re going to do it anyway if Warrior pressures you hard, sooner or later) and then FoJ him out of BoP so he won’t reflect it and stun you back. Technically, he can still reflect FoJ to you, but there is really tiny chance he would expect FoJ to follow the BoP right away. Once it's done and he got no trinket to get out, instantly remove BoP off yourself with /cancelaura BoP macro and DPS him from the back.

5. Be very careful with those Death Knights who have Icy Touch dispel glyph and love to spam it. Don’t count on BoP in these fights – remember, they can dispel it.

6. Don’t engage in 1vs1 vs. Survival Hunters / Fire Magi, unless there is LoS all around. These specs have upper hand vs. Rets, even decent ones.

7. LoS as much as possible in general, in every situation and fight vs. casters.

8. In mass fights, don’t rush forward unless all your CDs and Nitro Boosts are up. Remember – we’re very squishy outside of DS / BoP / LoH cds.

9. Vs. Ferals, don’t FoJ every 30 sec. after the first one is out (which he trinkets). Good Ferals would try to predict your 2nd or 3rd stun,which could finish them off, by popping Survival Instincts, so wait until it’s out. Unable to pop any defense while stunned is their one and only weakness we can use vs. them, so don’t waste the only chance to kill the WoD 1vs1 gods.

10. In Draenor areas, watch your bodyguard’s health and keep him alive if possible. BoP him if he gets trained. They add a lot of damage and healing in any situation.

Logan, webmaster & owner
Castle Logan » Public quarters / Публичные помещения » Библиотека / Library » Retribution Paladin's WoD WPvP guide (Works for Warrs / DKs / WWs / Enh for some extent as well)
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